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ACen 2007 Translating Manga Panel

After attending this panel,  I can't believe that anybody would actually want to translate manga for a living.  The pay sucks and there's no job stability.  Worse yet, you're a freelancer, so you don't qualify for company sponsored benefits, you know, like that all important, but increasingly unaffordable, health insurance.  Here is a summary of the translating manga panel:

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This was an interesting, rather lively panel.  I found the realities of translating, especially the pay, a little sobering.  With pay rates like these, you would really have to hustle to make a decent living - or just live in the basement of your parents' home like a true otaku!  I guess I'm glad I stuck with my accounting degree.  And if you read this far, you qualify as a true otaku!

This panel report was written by Julie for the MangaCast.

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The Future of Visual Novels?

Today Mr Aldo Donnaloia was kind enough to take a few minutes out of his hectic day to speak with me about Hirameki International.  Hirameki publishes interactive visual novels, and they've been in business for six years.  Some of their titles are Animamundi, Phantom of the Inferno, and the just released Yo-Jin-Bo.


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Written by Julie for the MangaCast.

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