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The Crimson Spell #1 by Ayano Yamane

The graphic novels stacks rebelled today, and several of them tipped over.  I don't know if it was due to Buu charging about the house, or the crushing weight of dust that finally scattered them about the floor.  As I tidied them up and moved the read piles into a box, I uncovered Crimson Spell.  I had purchased this at AX07, and completely forgot about it.  What a perfect time to read it!  I guess the piles need to be rearranged occasionally, so I am reminded of what's sitting, unread, in the library.

クリムゾン・スぺル Vol #1 by: やまねあやの

The Crimson Spell Vol 1 by: Ayano Yamane

Rated:  Mature

Price:  11.99

Kitty - BL - Fantasy/Romance

Review May Contain Spoilers

When demons attack his kingdom, young prince Bald is forced to take up the forbidden Crimson Sword.  The sword is cursed, and it turns its wielder into a terrible beast.  While it allows Bald to defeat the demons, he has no recollection of the battle, in which he also slaughtered innocent humans.  Now the kingdom's wizards have temporarily contained the beast, but Bald needs to journey south and beseech the wizard, Halvir, to break the curse.  Halvir is a mercenary sort, and he demands a high price for the prince's cure.  Will the cost prove too dear for Bald?


I love fantasy stories, and virile naked men tossed into the mix only heightens the interest.  The setting is pretty generic, and the world isn't really fleshed out, but the pace of the story made up for these shortcomings.  After traveling to Halvir's tiny dwelling, Bald learns that the great and powerful magician is extremely materialistic, and he collects rare and unusual objects.  The price for freedom from the curse is the Crimson Sword itself, a price that Bald deems too high.  Instead, he agrees to journey with Halvir, acting as his bodyguard while he attempts to capture an animal spirit left behind by another wizard.

During their journey, Halvir realizes that breaking the curse may be more difficult than he had originally thought.  Something is using the sword to bind it to Bald, and in order to lift the curse, he needs to learn more about the birth of the sword.  This leads to a trip to Celeasdeile, the town where Halvir was raised.  At first opposed to returning, it's soon evident that there's no choice if he hopes to cure Bald.  Arriving in his old stomping grounds, Halvir receives a very frosty welcome, and we are treated to a flashback of his childhood, and the significant event that helped to form his personality. 

Bald is a bit of a dim-wit, and by the end of this volume, he still hasn't realized that Halvir has been getting it on with his inner demon, sharing night after night of wild, sweaty sex.  What's going to happen when he finds out?  He's a little spoiled, and extremely stuffy, but he's also kind-hearted and endearingly venerable.  I liked his character a lot.

Halvir, on the other hand, is jaded and arrogant, and he really doesn't want to be bothered by pesky princes.  He only agrees to help Bald so he can get his greedy hands on the sword.  And on Bald, when the demon takes control of him while he's sleeping.  Replenishing the magical flow within his body by getting it on with the demon, Bald has no clue that he's being used in such a manner.  The demon and Halvir seem to be enjoying it, and maybe that's why Bald is so high-strung.  He doesn't know what he's missing.

Ayano Yamane's art is lovely!  Everyone is so pretty, especially the demon Bald.  The illustrations are intricate and detailed, and the panels flow smoothly along.  The action scenes convey a convincing sense of excitement, and the love scenes are dynamite. 

For a fun, fast-paced romp through a fantasy world, complete with drool-inducing demons and cute talking rabbit critters, grab a copy of Crimson Wind

Grade: B+

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