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Top 50 Manga October 2006

Using a mixture of Comic Book Resources and ICV2 articles, here is the compiled Top 50 Manga chart according to Diamond’s direct market sales in the US.
These are sales from the direct market only, e.g. Local Comic Shops, this chart isn’t the same as the weekly bookscan top ten listing which is complied by Neilsen and reflects sales in bookstores, e.g. Borders, Barnes & Noble.

There are two charts complied, Top 300 comics (i.e. Monthly floppy format) and Top 100 graphic novels (i.e. Trades, Paperbacks, Mangas). Recently there has also been a Top 50 Manga chart which takes the titles that made it into the Top 100 graphic novels and then rounds it out at 50. This is the chart that I'm publishing here on Mangacast.

On to this months, as before the emphasised titles at the beginning are those that were in the Top 100 Graphic Novel chart, in the position column the parenthesis number is where they placed in that chart. Using ICV2’s article I also have the estimated quantities too, but as ICV2 does not run the Top 50 manga chart the numbers only last for those that made the Top 100 Graphic Novel chart.

PositionTitlePublisherEst Quality
01 (09)Kingdom Hearts Chain O/Memories Vol.01Tokyopop5007
02 (22)Loveless Vol.03Tokyopop3003
03 (30)Inu Yasha Vol.27VIZ Media2685
04 (48)Saiyuki Reload Vol.05Tokyopop2017
05 (50)GTO Early Years Shonan Junai Gumi Vol.02Tokyopop1904
06 (57)Our Kingdom Vol.04June Manga1648
07 (58)Ai Yori Aoshi Vol.14Tokyopop1642
08 (60)Jazz Vol.03June Manga1629
09 (61)Rin Vol.01June Manga1623
10Only Ring Finger Knows Vol.03June Manga
11 (62)Junjo Romantica Vol.01Blu Manga1542
12 (64)Tenjho Tenge Vol.10CMX1486
13 (67)Gorgeous Carat Vol.03Blu Manga1442
14Art O/Vampire Hunter DIDW
15 (72)La Esperanca Vol.04June Manga1274
16 (73)OhikkoshiDark Horse1274
17 (75)Fruits Basket Vol.14Tokyopop1267
18 (78)Nana Vol.04VIZ Media1249
19 (80)Hana Kimi Vol.14VIZ Media1230
20 (81)SNNK V's Capcom Vol.05Dr Master1224
21 (82)Old Boy Vol.02Dark Horse1217
22Man Who Doesn't Take Off His ClothesJune Manga
23 (86)Vagabond Vol.23VIZ Media1186
24 (88)Wallflower Vol.09Del Rey1161
25 (89)Dramacon Vol.02Tokyopop1155
26 (90)Welcome To NHK Vol.01Tokyopop1155
27Dot Hack Sign Another Birth Vol.02Tokyopop
28 (97)Densha Otoko Vol.01CMX1080
29 Cromartie High School Vol.08ADV Manga
30Sokora Refugees Vol.02Tokyopop
31Emma Vol.01CMX
32Kamichama Karin Vol.05Tokyopop
33SNK V's Capcom Vol.04Dr Master
34Coffin Art of Vampire Hunter DDark Horse
35Bastard Vol.13VIZ Media
36Cain Saga Vol.01VIZ Media
37RA-I GNTokyopop
38Angel Sanctuary Vol.16VIZ Media
39Il Gatto Sul G Vol.02June Manga
40RG Veda Vol.07Tokyopop
41Rurouni Kenshin NovelVIZ Media
42Naoki Urasawas Monster Vol.05VIZ Media
43Blood Sucker Legend O/Zipangu Vol.02Tokyopop
44Judas Vol.01Tokyopop
45Tramps Like Us Vol.10Tokyopop
46Mitsukazu Mihara Haunted HouseTokyopop
47Sensual Phrase Vol.16VIZ Media
48Naruto Vol.11VIZ Media
49Tezuka's Ode To KirihitoDel Rey
50Who Fighter With Heart O/F DarknessDark Horse

Interesting month this time around as the two big publishers Tokyopop and VIZ Media reset themselves back at the top of the chart both in terms of titles and quantity. 28 out of the 50 titles present this month belong to either Tokyopop(17) or VIZ Media(11). Particularly impressive especially considering that 10 publishers actually made the chart this week; June Manga at 07 takes the next biggest chunk with the usual suspects making up the rest.

Though with Tokyopop making up a whole bunch of title its not surprising that it is also a good month for their OEL titles too. Outside Kingdom Hearts at the top, Dramacon places well at #25 after it also done exceptionally well in the bookscan charts over the last couple of weeks and Sokura Refugees also places at #30 which is better then the first volume did in the diamond charts but ironically it has done worse in the bookscan chart this time around (Hassler anyone?!?).

Alongside Tokyopop it is also a good month for BL titles with June Manga taking 7 titles and 6 of them make the Top 100 GN chart. Even more interesting is just how highly they placed with 4 making the top 10, the highest being Our Kingdom Vol.04 at #6. Even Blu Manga got in on the act with their two titles hitting in at #11 and #13.

Just to finish it off I'd thought I'd look at a couple of titles that were of particular interest to me, and none surprisingly its dark Horse titles that get a mention. Ohikkoshi makes a good entrance at #16 which is more then equal to any BOTI volume, but more interestingly is the appearance of Coffin, the very heavy duty and expensive artbook which lands at a respectable #34. I say interestingly because though the presentation is fairly exceptional, so is the price, but hey I still loved it. ^.^
Another odd occurrence as David Welsh points out is the revival of Fruits Basket vol. 14 which rushes back upto #17 outshining any random Naruto insurgence.  Oh and finally, just because I cannot leave it alone, the highest CMX title was? oh yes Tenjho Tenge, nothing like a good bit of controversy to help sales, but I'd rather just say it was a good title from one of my favourite mangaka's


( 4 comments — Leave a comment )
Nov. 21st, 2006 12:23 am (UTC)
I am so psyched that Rin! made it that far up the charts!
Nov. 21st, 2006 06:14 am (UTC)
BL got 10 titles out of 50 in this chart. That's very encouraging and in the long run it means that publishers will acquire more titles and that's all very good for the fans. :D

Thanks for the info.
Nov. 21st, 2006 05:35 pm (UTC)
I notice with many of the BL releases; it's the heavy volume works that are dominating. Those with consistant fanbases, and vol. [insert # here] certainly will catch the attention of any given vendor, and this chart proves that, that's for sure. So for snobbish reason I avoid the 3rd and 4th volume releases based on the fact that their sales to the DM is a bit of a no brainer: Wow, it's up to volume #4, let me order some of that for the store! When I look chart success stories, I tend to take more stock in first time placers with single-issue or vol 1 in title information.

To me, the BL winners here are Junjo Romantica [BLU], Rin [June], and the Man Who Doesn't Take Off His Clothes [June]. It's a shame that not all BL publishers [OEL and others] deal with Diamond directly, so we can get a more diverse count on what vendors are picking up.

Does anyone recall the article about vendors turning to companies like BTOL and Consortium in order to acquire licensed manga from mid-to-high volume publishers?

On that note, has there ever been a menslove [OEL/BL] title on the chart? I know that Diamond has made every effort to carry more than only one publisher of OEL/BL [at this time I think they only carry Yaoi Press], but if that changes, I'd be interested in seeing the results.
Nov. 22nd, 2006 05:02 am (UTC)
Just a nitpick, but ODE TO KIRIHITO at #49 is published by Vertical, not Del Rey.

Vertical is distributed by Random House of which Del Rey is an imprint, so many of these kinds of lists group their sales together (along with every other book line Random House handles.) But credit where credit is due--KIRIHITO is a Vertical book, not Del Rey. And quite a great read it is, too!

--A.T. Kokmen
Marketing Manager
Del Rey Manga (http://www.randomhouse.com/delrey/manga/newsletter.html)
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