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October 29th, 2007

Shocking Pink Sky #9 by AKISATO Wakuni

Shocking Pink Sky vol. 9 cover

Shocking Pink Sky vol. 9 by AKISATO Wakuni
Rated: Teens (to which I disagree)
Publisher: Elex Media Komputindo, Indonesia


MENOU Aoi pledged to be a great stewardess (or cabin attendant?) after Hanzo—her childhood love interest—said an ugly-looking girl cannot be a stewardess. She realized that pledge, but instead of being praised as great, she is often labeled as clumsy. She serves the Tokyo - New York leg with other 10 male cabin attendants who are good looking from head to toe. One of them, James, suspiciously has a face like Hanzo.


Flight 41 - Honeymoon New Caledonia
Rika (MENOU's former co-worker in another airlines called JIL) gave Aoi a pair of honeymoon tickets from for her and James. Unlucky for Aoi that her former "old maid" seniors in JIL are plotting plans to bully her when they saw her with James.
Flight 42 - Spring is Come*
Someone mysterious sends Aoi a teddy bear. James did not want to introduce Aoi to his parents, disappointed with the situation, she didn't realize the danger of keeping the teddy bear.
Last Flight - MAN's 21st Century
Packed with air turbulence, revelation, ex-girlfriend threat, murder on board, last wish, explosion, this is a perfect daytime soap drama materials condensed into two-chapters of the airline re-branding launch.


A great ending for a crack series! What do you think unthinkable in the air crews life is put blatantly in this manga. In a way that somewhat undeniable addicting. It's not a surprise coming from the mangaka who brought us Sore demo Chikyuu wa mawatteru (Indonesian title: Bumi masih berputar, lit. The world still turns). Just name your pick of a bizzare thing, it's in here. Trust me.

I'd say: 4/5 stars.
Target readers: Adult, but the publisher publish it as for teens.

*Pea's note: I know you're all twitched when you saw that, but it's printed like that.