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October 22nd, 2007

Babysitter Gin #4 by YAMATO Waki

Manga: The Complete Guide cover

Babysitter Gin! by YAMATO Waki
Rated: Adult
Publisher: Level Comics, Indonesia


Since neither the series nor the manga-ka is known in US, I'd like to introduce the story.

SHIMOOCHIAI Gin is a nanny living in the body of a guy. Throughout the series, he insist that he is straight, only that he has this urge to make all the little angels (babies) of the world smile ever after by his tender care.

He idolized Mary Poppins, hence the name for his babysitting service is Shimoochiai Poppins Club. He has a sister named Mimiko who handles the administration.

All the stories are separate chapters that can be read independently. And chapters are called Baby.


Baby 13 - Angel's Fruit
An independent girl trying to cultivate a vast land left by her late mother alone. Meanwhile her new stepmother is trying hard to be her mother.
Baby 14 - Man's Rule
An Anego has back pain, so the Kodangumi hired Shimoochiai Poppins Club for the baby Sandaime while the Anego stays in the hospital.
Baby 15 - Angel's Smile
Gin is a fan of NOMURA Ichigo and had the good luck to babysit in the household, but he is not given the assignment to take care of Ichigo.
Baby 16 - A Little Big Journey
HONDA Riku told Gin that he wants to see his grandfather and take him on the train to the southernmost part of Japan.


Warning: May contain spoiler.

The girl's character in Angel's Fruit reminds me of the attribute of another girl in a oneshot manga from the same manga-ka, but the whole story is different. Man's Rule was surprisingly funny because the focus is on the adult's childhood and not the baby. Again, the adult focus is still brought up in Angel's Smile, this time it brings out the obsessive parents who want their kids to be famous idols, common in Indonesia. A Little Big Journey touched me deeply, just like it touched Gin's heart.


YAMATO Waki-sensei still is best at surprising readers. She is popular among older manga readers in Indonesia, as a number of her works were published in 1990s. Most of the theme of her work are not related to one another. But they're filled with great stories that leave an impression in our hearts. I am sure you're going to enjoy this series if you like any of her stories. I hope the US readers will someday be able to read her work.