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October 14th, 2007

Empty Heart by Masara Minase


Empty Heart エンプティハート ~偽りの恋だから~ by: 水名瀬雅良

Empty Heart by Masara Minase

Rated:  Mature

Price:  12.50

DramaQueen -BL/Romance

Review May Contain Spoilers

Takumi has been secretly in love with Usami ever since he saw the older boy kiss his sleeping brother.  Now that he's a high school student, Usami is his art teacher, and he can moon after his beloved during class.  When Takumi's brother, Ryuuta, introduces him to Reiko, his fiance, he's concerned how Usami will take the news.  Sure enough, Usami goes on a drinking binge after meeting the pretty Reiko, and Takumi offers himself to Usami to help soothe his broken heart.  The spitting image of his older brother, Takumi wonders if it's Ryuuta Usami sees when he takes him in his arms, or is it Takumi?


Grade: B-

This review was written by Julie for the MangaCast. Please drop by the Manga Maniac Cafe and check out the menu.  There's always tasty reviews on display!