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October 13th, 2007

Onegai Twins

Onegai Twins, vol 1, by Go Zappa
ISBN: 1-58899-299-3
Price: 7.95

Review May Contain Spoilers

Raised in an orphanage after being abandoned as a child, sixteen-year-old Maiku has only one keepsake from his childhood, a photograph of himself and a girl he supposes is his twin sister, playing in front of a house. While watching a news report about a UFO sighting, Maiku recognizes a house in the background as the same house in his photograph. He tracks down the location, rents the house, and, in order to afford the rent, takes on a part-time job as a computer programmer at night, attending high school during the day.  When two girls arrive on his doorstep, each carrying her own copy of Maiku's childhood photograph, the three decide to move in together while they try to figure out which of the girls is Maiku's twin and which is a complete stranger.

A sequel to Onegai Teacher (the anime was released as Please Teacher! in the U.S.), the sight gags and naughty humor in this novelization don't translate as well to the page as teenage boys might hope. The book proceeds exactly as you would expect it to, with the three teens learning to live together amidst all the mishaps and hijinks that occur in romantic comedies of this sort. But the clichéd devices of the accidental towel drop, the accidental boobie grab, and the accidental indirect kiss all seem creepy when they take place between siblings – even when those siblings may not actually be related – and there are a few instances when a side character's feelings for his actual sister move beyond creepy and into downright disturbing. Many of the scenes are dry and often read like the author simply transcribed what he saw on the screen. This may be the fault of the editor, though, as tenses fluctuate, sometimes more than once in the same sentence, causing a normal description to suddenly jump into the present tense. Fans of the original series may be interested in Onegai Twins, as several of the characters, including Mizuho Kazami and Ichigo Morino, appear in this story as well, but new readers may want to opt for the anime or skip this title altogether. —Eva