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October 8th, 2007

Manga: The Complete Guide

Manga: The Complete Guide cover

Manga: The Complete Guide by Jason Thompson

Rated: Adult
Cover Price: US$19.95 (probably around US$25 in Indonesia)
Publisher: Del Rey Release Date: October 9, 2007 (Tuesday)

Personal Notes

Due to customs problem, I didn't got my review copy until August. By that time, all the other places has reviewed this book already. Naturally, the book first tentative sale date was July 10. So, what's left for me to review this book?

Every other reviews had given high praises on the book with extra details of what the book features, yet I am here to dig out my brain to give more praises.

First, let me explain that my review copy is the uncorrected proof one. It doesn't bear the cover with cute HONDA Tohru in the corner, instead it exhibits a bore white and purple cover which I assume the sole reason why the book got through customs safely.

I flipped through this book on August when I first received it, but not until September did I stay up all night until 3am, writing each page number diligently on the Content pages so I can flip through the book later easily.

Did you read the 3am part? Yes, and I started at 10pm. This book is a true addiction. Other than Ghost Hunt, nothing else got me hooked so badly that I failed to sleep before midnight at school night.

I scrupulously browsed each page, to read each entry with excitement, as most of the manga listed there are titles I have never read before, complete with star ratings! The more I read, the more envy I got over US fans. (What I did not envy is that they are also faced with problems like distasteful censorship.)

I must thank Jason for writing the Manga vs. Comics section in the beginning of the book, where he explains about the US manga market and its brief history which should be useful for my next article. Jason also wrote numerous article on each manga genre and recommend what title you should read for that genre (but only the titles that is available from US publishers)!


This is a good reference book. For manga editors, reviewers, writers on manga, librarian, and most importantly parents. I strongly urge that every parents should own this book, especially to those who don't understand manga and wouldn't want to bother reading what your kids are buying.

But, the child in me was slightly dissapointed for the lack of colored pages. And the fact that this book is a reference book made me slightly turned off to read it. Might donate it to the librarian at school later, if she smiles at me. Joking.

And I believe the mistakes on page 169 (Harlequin Pink: Jinxed entry was not in the book) and 232 (Dragon Voice typo, yes, I love dragons.) are not there anymore.

Jason and the book combined together should receive seven out of five stars. It stills hangs in my mind though, why does the book have the maximum 4 stars rating?

End Notes

Before I forget, if you're in California on October 12, consider attending the book's Launch Party, see details by the author here. Wish I can fly to the US right now.

I want to thank Del Rey for providing this review copy and naniwa for making sure I got another one after the first was missing somewhere in the Indonesian customs havoc.