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October 7th, 2007


It was in the 80s today! In Michigan! In October!  The humidity was a little tough to bear, but I could deal with this weather all year long!  Made it a perfect day for some hot and steamy man love!

熱情のヴィルトゥオーソ by: 小笠原 宇紀

Virtuoso Di  Amore by Uki Ogasawara

Rated:  Mature 18+

Price:  12.99

DramaQueen - BL

Review May Contain Spoilers

Kenzo Shinozuka has just landed a cushy position as wealthy nobleman Lorenzo Carlucci's pianist.  With Lorenzo's patronage, Kenzo, an under-appreciated musician, believes that he can finally make the most of his talents.  Things don't go smoothly, however, and the two clash from the beginning.  Kenzo is head-strong and temperamental, and Lorenzo is just...strange.  As Lorenzo pushes Kenzo to his full potential, the flame of desire begins to burn between them.  Will Lorenzo's dream of seeing Kenzo play in a concert hall become a reality?  Or will the two destroy themselves as their passions spiral out of control?



DramaQueen has another attractively presented release here.  The book, from it's glossy dust jacket to it's crisp pages, is a joy to read.  Too bad the story didn't quite measure up.

Grade:  C

This review was written by Julie for the MangaCast. Please drop by the Manga Maniac Cafe and check out the menu.  There's always tasty reviews on display!