April 16th, 2007

Face it! I am a princess.

Yuukan Club and Hot Blooded Girl

All items below rated for teen and both reviews may contain small spoilers!

Yukan Club (Leisure Club)

There's always a student council in every school. Even at St. President High School, where future leaders and society's best are educated. But, what exactly would 6 young members of the student council of President High School do in their spare time?

Oh, they dance, play igo, sing, solve a fake jewelry case, catch an international drug smuggler, sail to gamble in Las Vegas, and help kidnap one of their members. And that's just some stories from the first two volumes! Isn't that exciting?

Their parents are just as exciting as they are. One of their parents blow up a police headquarters and then rebuilts it later! And one of their parents is actually a top official that worked in the said headquarters!

Members of the Leisure Club

(1) Yuri Kenbishi, a sports lover, daughter of the Kenbishi Group
(2) Noriko Hakushika, a truetype traditional Japanese woman
(3) Granmarie Bido, half Japanese, son of Swiss ambassador
(4) Seishiro Kikumasamune, Noriko's neighbor, son of a hospital owner
(5) Miroku Shocikubai, son of an important police official, but hangs out with yakuzas, like to invent weird gadgets
(6) Karen Kizakura, a lively character, daughter of a jewelry businesswoman

Oh, what would life be without these guys? They make our leisure time colorful.

Pea's Notes

[1]This manga is featured in chapter 9 in a book titled Japan Pop! Inside the World of Japanese Popular Culture
[2] Matt Thorn listed this book in his recommended list.
[3] It reached its 95th printing in 1999, first print was out 25 years ago! (1982)
[4] Igo is a traditional Japanese chess-like game.

Pea's Favorite Quote

I love collecting quotes from manga or similar comics, this is one from Yukan Club.

"If you don't make friends, you're throwing the most precious jewel [of your life] away."

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Hot Blooded Girl

Kang Hajie woke up after an accident and finds herself inside of Han Aram's body. The first thing she noticed was: "Where are all my muscles?" True, Kang Hajie is the head of a rascal gang called Doberman, who trained herself each day to become stronger and more powerful.

She doesn't care about being beautiful. She is clueless and absolutely dense when it comes to love. All she loves to do is to pick a fight with people that she considers strong.

Aram and Hajie's lvoe interest, Park Sinwu started to notice the difference in Aram's personality. And he is attracted to Hajie, whom is inside Aram's body, despite the cold sinister face he shows when they are together.

Jung Hanso, Hajie's partner in crime and Doberman's shadow leader learns about Aram and Kang Hajie's body switch. He is furious to see how Hajie's eyes is fixed to Sinwu. So he plans many plots to separate them from each other.

But where exactly is Aram? If she is not dead, where is she? What would she do to be with Sinwu? Or would she find another love? Lastly, will she be able to switch back to her body? What will happen to Hajie and Sinwu?

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