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Manga Curry no Maki #1

Manga Curry No Maki
Volume #1 - Feb. 3rd, 2006
Shrimp Kaeng Som Edition

Tokyopop layoffs, Serenity, Mature Manga, February Pull List, and Upcoming Con Coverage preview

After a long night of curry gorging, booze pounding, and mahjong tile slamming, Ed and I came up with an idea to do a twice a month podcast that covers a few topics in the world of manga news, info, releases, and other good stuff. The "mix" of manga if you will (that's the pun in the title). You can find the list of topics we will cover listed above. And just so we can say we are educational, Ed will give all you listeners a curry recipe at the end that you all can try out on your own. If anyone tries to cook, let us know how it turns out! The MangaCast will also not be held responsible for an curry accidents or incurred sicknesses.

// ~35 min // 25.2 MB // 96kpbs

This roundtable discussion by Ed Chavez and Jarred Pine was created for the MangaCast.
email at mangacast@gmail.com

Music is taken from the Ashita No Joe Original Soundtrack Honmei Ban, which can be found at CDJapan, Amazon JP, or your import store of your choice. (Catalog # KICA-1304)