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Critters can be so much fun.  Take the three dogs that moved in behind us.  Every time I take Buu out for a walk, they rush the fence and give us the what for.  What are they really saying?  Hopefully it's nothing like what went on in this totally bizarre book...

SEX PISTOLS # 1by: 寿たらこ

Love Pistols #1 by Tarako Kotobuki

Rated:  Mature 18+

Price:  9.99

Blu - Yaoi/Fantasy/Romance

Review May Contain Spoilers

Shiro continues to love Yonekuni, helplessly caught up in his feelings.  Yonekuni continues to treat Shiro coldly, confused by his conflicting emotions for his classmate.  Yonekuni despises other men, but he and Shiro had managed to forge an unlikely friendship, until Yonekuni started having some erotic dreams starring the smitten Shiro.  Huh, wait!  Those weren't dreams??


Then, Kumakashi's family has decided it's time for him to produce some offspring, despite his objections.  Finding a handsome Grizzly in America, they arrange for the two men to get better acquainted.  When Norio tries to interfere on his friend's behalf, he just makes the situation worse.  Can two bears find true love?

In this installment, we are given a secret glimpse into to forbidden world of Zooman reproduction.  I was mystified about how Norio could possibly give birth, given that he's male, but I believe the answer was presented during Kumakashi's story arc.  See, there's this worm thingy, a womb worm, which is implanted into the sometimes reluctant Zooman's rectum, where the parasite attaches to the mucous membrane, creating a whole new stomach!  Just like magic, the baby's repository is made.  And that, boys and girls, is one of the ways babies are made in the wild world of the Zooman.

Why go to all of this trouble, you may be wondering.  Because it's far too expensive for Kumakashi's family to have him breed with a female!  Being tightwads, his granny and his mom would much rather rent a stud for him then have to take in a female during her pregnancy. It's so much more cost effective to have Kumakashi become a baby making machine, and just pay to have him get knocked up.  What a supportive family he has! 

Kunimasa and Norio play supporting roles this time around, helping Yonekuni and Shiro overcome the rocky road leading to true love.  Norio isn't quite as successful in his attempts to assist the kindly Shiro, and instead causes more problems for the bear.  Both of the stories were wrapped up with a cute twist,  which made the otherwise disagreeable semes a little more palatable.  These guys are the epitome of aggressive, domineering males, and I felt a little sorry when I thought that Shiro and Kumakashi were going to be stuck with them for the rest of their lives.

While I'm not completely enthralled with the characters of Love Pistols, in fact, most of them are pretty darned unlikable, I did enjoy reading this book.  I kept wondering what weirdness Tarako Kotobuki was going to toss out next.  The situations are so bizarre that I couldn't help but be intrigued.

Grade:  B-

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