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Getting no love from the MangaSphere at all, is Infinity Studios this week. While new licenses from TP caused a buzz last week and the news of old licenses from CPM and a license transfer picked up by Go!Comi made the rounds, Infinity's newest seemed to be lost within a huge list of new releases scheduled for October in the most recent Diamond Previews list.

While still releasing books at a glacier's pace, Infinity is hanging in there releasing some fine looking books. Iono-sama being the latest example of Infinity's improving quality at reasonable prices.

Their latest also comes from MediaWorks (Iono, Blood Alone, NaNaNaNa, NinNin ga Shinobuden and Ichigeki Satchu! HoiHoi) and comic artist Shaa is a strange concept. I wonder if they are trying to capture every type of bishojo moe or something, but this one is about a girl, Setsuna, who wants make her classmate (Sendai), umm her dog! And since she knows his secret (see at school he is the MadDog but he is actually an otaku) then she tends to get her way (she even has a cute nickname for him... Chiyo. Based on another reading of his last name). This series is actually a side story of a light novel called Nogizaka Haruka's Secret. Sounds like everyone has a secret (possibly why the subtitle for this series is "Another Secret"). Oh and by the way, the six volume long Nogizaka also featured art by Shaa.

I'll make sure to go ask Infinity about this title. Curious about whether this series is still running now that its magazine Comic Teioh is no longer in publication. (And didn't Iono run in the same mag??!... Lots of questions then.)

Infinity Studios

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