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Seito Shokun! and Jesus Christ!

Hello everyone, this is Pea, writing from her desk somewhere in Indonesia. :D Ed has granted me the posting ability, so I'm here to share you some shoujo mangas I've read. BTW, since I am not a native speaker in English, you are more than welcome to fix my grammar. (^_~)

Try to guess the theme of this entry and I’ll give you some choco! (^o^)

Title: 生徒諸君! (Seito Shokun!)
Mangaka: 庄司陽子 (Shouji Yoko)
Title Translation: Fellow Students or Attention, Students!
Indonesian Title: Pop Corn!
Seito Shokun! cover

This is one of the earliest manga series published in Indonesia. I think I was at elementary school when I started to pick a copy of these. It has a total of 24 volumes. (12 in bunko format)

The story is about KITASHIRO Naoko or Nakki, who move back to live with her family in Tokyo, after spending her childhood in the countryside. Naturally, she is transferred to a nearby junior high school. This is where she met future members of her Brat Packs.

IWASAKI Hajime, who had a fight with her at her first day in school. TAMURA Ryoichi, who was envious of her academics achievements in class and said cynical lines to her. SATSUKINO Maiko, that she kissed often when she gets excited. KONISHI Hatsune, who was jealous of seeing how close she was to Iwasaki. OKITA Narutoshi shows up in the later volumes, when he was transferred from Osaka.

Nakki transmit positive attitude and energy to anyone she met. A perfect example of what you call: "Carpe Diem" (Seize the day!). She's smart, healthy, and enjoys doing mischievous acts with her packs. Members of the packs transforms as better person since they met Nakki and she said they too had been a pillar of strength for her.

She is not always a though character throughout the manga, she also has her weakest moments. But her positive attitude quickly throws all those away from her head.

I love how the story flows naturally, it feels like we grow with them. This is one of the best friendship manga I have ever read. The friendship between members of the pack grows deeper and tightens throughout time, when despair and happy moments came one by one. We saw how they grow up to be a proper adult and took their place among society!

Your should start reading this in: Junior High School :D (This way, you'll enjoy the story and grow up with the characters)

Other mangas:
Seito Shokun! Gaiden: is a 1 tankobon spin-off about Okita (the last member who join the Brat Packs)
Seito Shokun! Kyoushi-hen: tells the story about Nakki and her work (yes, I won't tell you what she does, but it's very exciting), a dorama adaptation of this manga will be out next month.

Sources and further reading:
[EN] http://users.skynet.be/mangaguide/au1771.html (Shouji Yoko work list page)
[EN] http://www.geocities.com/Tokyo/Towers/6603/shokun.html (Short bio on the main characters)
[JP] http://shop.kodansha.jp/bc/comics/seitoshokun/ (where you can see the bunkos and Seito Shokun Kyoshi-hen covers)
[JP, Flash] http://seitoshokun.asahi.co.jp/ (2007 dorama, Seito Shokun! Kyoshi-hen adaptation)
[PT] http://www.shoujohouse.clubedohost.com/Shoujo/shokun.html (A comprehensive discussion about the manga)

Title: ジーザス・クライスト! (Jesus Christ!)
Mangaka: 上田美和 (Ueda Miwa)
Indonesian title: Twin
Jesus Christ! Cover

Long before I've heard of Peach Girl, apparently I have read this mangaka’s another work. This one doesn’t share of common theme of the mangaka's current works at this moment. This is a light reading. But, everytime I re-read this I throw my hands in desperation because there were only two volumes. :(

This story tells about twins named HAYAKAWA Ukyou and NARISAWA Sakyou[1]. Sakyou likes to wear girls clothing, meanwhile Ukyou stays with her parents and is very tomboy! Sakyou finally moves back to Hayakawa residence temporarily before he had to go to US, but he still wears skirts and stuff, even to Ukyou's school!

Sakyou had an allergy towards the female gender. He may either drop unconscious or explode when a female holds him. Ukyou is an exception :D So, Sakyou finally had to go to US. After he left, Ukyou find out that he will be back sooner than she thought! With an extra baggage called Karl Evans, a prince of the Guten Tag kingdom[2] who gave him (he didn't know Sakyou is a boy) an ultra-expensive and precious ring!

Sakyou convinced Ukyou to switch their identity, this ended up to a complicated situation involving the ring, kidnapping, and monarch business. What will happen between this three? This 2-volumes manga is sure to give you crack of the day.

There's also an arc that was clearly an adaptation of the infamous Last Leaf by O. Henry. I read Last Leaf when I was a child and love it so much. *feels warm and fuzzy* So, look out for that.

Due to the nature of the original title, it is not possible to use it in the Indonesian edition. Same case apply for a manga by NANATSUKI Kyouichi and FUJIWARA Yoshihide, titled Jesus, it was published with the title J.

[1] In the Indonesian edition their names are Yuka and Yuki respectively. Why the different family names you asked? That's for you to find out. ;)
[2] In the Indonesian edition: Grace kingdom. Guten Tag means Good Morning in Germany ^^;

Suggested age to start reading: Junior High School. Asking your parents to explain a cross-dresser maybe odd.

Sources and further reading:
[EN] http://users.skynet.be/mangaguide/au1989.html (Ueda Miwa work list page)
[EN] http://www.artistic-inks.net/manga/newmanga/jesus.htm (a complete review on this manga)
[JP] http://yomogi.sakura.ne.jp/~peach/ (Ueda Miwa's website)
[IT] http://www.shoujoinitalia.net/2005/jikura/ (a summary on the book)

I'll be back with more reviews and essay translations next week.



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Mar. 17th, 2007 09:19 am (UTC)
An lj-cut would be nice.
Mar. 17th, 2007 09:39 am (UTC)
I would, but most of our articles doesn't use the lj-cut. ^^;
I have cut the unnecessary details.
(Deleted comment)
Mar. 18th, 2007 05:34 am (UTC)
Yaiks! I should probably wrote that as Suggested age to start reading instead of Suggested age for reading. :))

I don't know whether or not Kyoshi-hen will ever be published here. ;_; If I gave up hoping, I might as well order it from the nearest Kinokuniya.

Don't forget to check out the dorama. ;-)
Mar. 30th, 2007 05:53 am (UTC)
If you pick it up sometime in the future, can you do some summary for me?
Dec. 13th, 2008 07:34 pm (UTC)
Oooh I just found out about this review!
Gosh, how I miss this POP CORN MANGA!
I wish ELEX want to re-print it...but then...the bunko version please... ^^
With the high price in Indo as today...if I have to buy the 24 volumes will be...
Because I lost mine in the Jakarta flood tragedy back then in 2002.. T___T
I lost about 200 books... T_____________T

I read the spin off manga about Okita...
But too bad the the spin off about Nakki and her works is not..
Would give sumary about that one?
Is in this story Nakki already married with Iwasaki?

And I just re-read the TWIN manga too..
That was sooo funny! ^___^
I wish mangas today can have light stories like that...
Not just romance.. ^^

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