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Nothing makes me happier than seeing new distribution deals. No seriously, I feel that publishers are stepping up trying to get their product out to you readers as best they can when they sign these deals. So when I ran into the information today about two pubs I did a little dance. Sorry I don't have video of that. Jarred's working on that

Word from online book trade website Shelf Awareness is that our friends at DramaQueen and CPM Manga will be working with Consortium Book Sales and Distribution as of Spring 2007.

Consortium Adds Eight Publishers

Consortium Book Sales & Distribution is adding eight new publishers, effective with the spring 2007 season:

* Central Park Media, New York, N.Y., a 16-year-old video and book publisher focused on Japanese and Korean animation and graphic novels and a leading North American publisher of Japanese manga and Korean manhwa.
* DramaQueen, Houston, Tex., a relatively new publisher of graphic novels, manhwa and yaoi from Korea and Taiwan.

As I have said here (mainly the Maki) and at other places I am a fan of DramaQueen. Honestly, I am someone who will tip my hat to and actively search out manga that is different. DQ does that. Its almost as if they were thinking of me when they set out on their magical manga journey. Their bread and butter is BL, I like to read my share in the morning with my cup of tea. We have looked at Empty Heart here before and I praised its contents (random doods speaking Hiroshima-ben or was it Osaka-ben always get a thumbs up especially if they are leches!) and their production values are MangaCast approved PRIME Rate. I was also very happy with their Taiwanese shojo title Vision of the Other Side (posted at AoD) mainly because I get this old skool shojo romance feel to it. Toss in some crazy BL manhwa and I think I have found myself a favorite publisher I cannot find in bookstores. And any publisher that dares attempt to release an anthology immediately gets my money. So as this small publisher begins to ramp up for the end of this year with a nice stack of releases - Last Portrait, the Summit, Naked Jewels Corp (I am feeling this), White Guardian, RUSH Magazine.... getting a distribution partner will help them get all that printed goodness to me and Jarred and Erin even faster. I wanna buy these/see these in stores.

CPM has had a deal with Consortium before. Actually days before their "implosion" they announced something with this group and there were rumors around that the deal had fallen through. Well, looks like CPM might be coming back. I will take my typical stance with CPM - believe it til I see it. Nothing wrong with their manga, outside of meh production values, I feel they have a decent enough line-up. Jarred has written here about his love of Nananan Kiriko before and I still rave about Lee HyunSe titles. Announcements made at the start of this year that included seinen titles from Wani Books and a couple Shodensha josei titles were making me want to like them. However, outside of a couple reprints in January and the random BeBeautiful book, nothing has been seen from them in almost 20 months. I almost feel I have a better chance with Gustoon! than with CPM. So what's a deal like this do for CPM? I kinda wish they would say something, cause until they announce something or begin to release any books I almost don't care. Give me more Mythology of the Heavens darnit!!

Consistency is what I see for both of these publishers. Look obviously the content is going to sell books. So for both publishers I see good things (I want the Judged and Wedding Eve NOW!!) as far as books go. And DQ's production quality is great so I don't see any reason not to buy their books as they are competitively priced also. At the same time, they need to be seen more. They need to hit shelves on time. They need to make sure their product gets out to their target readers. Relying on Amazon or their sites is never enough. Relying on a decent sized distritbutor is not enough (I mean even Viz and TP have changed them over the last year). Heck, the only reason I am doing this is to help get the word out (but I don't put books on shelves). So Consortium could be that step needed to get the word and the pulp out there. Good thing for these pubs and I hope a good thing for readers. And definitely a good thing for the MangaCast cause we should be confident we will be seeing more manga from these guys to review.



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Sep. 28th, 2006 05:26 am (UTC)
Oh man, I can't believe the cat is out of the bag...
Thank you Ed for your support, means a lot to the team and myself personally to see you have such good opinion of what we do. <3
Sep. 28th, 2006 05:06 pm (UTC)
Wow, this is broken news...
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